Mar Spragge is a watercolor illustrator who paints vibrant, dreamlike scenes highlighting the emotions and sensuality of androgynous and queer figures. Colorful and bordering psychedelic, Mar’s art largely celebrates and explores their queer identity in a fantastical way. Additionally, they create work for charity publications for organizations that empower the LGBT+ community and women’s rights. Influenced by Japanese pop-art and golden-age illustrators, Mar has been pushing the range of watercolors by thoughtfully contrasting intense texture against flat, graphic moments. Mar continues to experiment with media and technique while collaborating with artists who share their passion.

Mar has done freelance hand-painting work for toy companies including PEZ, and Just Play, specializing in precise color matching and precision detail work. They would be happy to work with you on your prototype toy projects.   

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I am currently open for private commissions and freelance work, please email me for details.