Graphic by Mia Mardikian

Graphic by Mia Mardikian

 •Pacific Arcana, A Pacific Rim Tarot Deck•


"Taking inspiration from the 2013 movie and growing universe of Pacific Rim, Pacific Arcana is a tarot deck aiming to collect the fantastic talent of Pacific Rim fans’ artistic capability and turn it into something good, functional, and portable, all while giving back to a growing generation.

Pacific Arcana's cards highlight the symbolism and roles of Pacific Rim’s characters, robots, kaijus, and other concepts and imagery into a full 78-card deck. The deck encompasses a wide variety of beautiful artwork crafted by talented artists who share an immense passion for this movie." -Mia Mardikian, project curator and designer

Pacific Arcana was funded through kickstarter on October 20th, 2015, reaching nearly double the needed funds. Thanks to over 460 backers, all of the stretch goals were reached, ensuring the highest possible quality of the deck and handbook. A considerable donation is being planned for Larkin Street Youth Servies. More information and full-views of individual cards can be seen on the pacificarcana tumblr page. 

For this project I Illustrated two cards, The High Priestess of the Major Arcana, as well as the Ace of Cups of the Minor Arcana. I also painted a bonus postcard depicting a scene of pilots from the movie using the tarot, available as a special kickstarter incentive.   


Graphic by Amanda Lien

Graphic by Amanda Lien

•Beyond the Breach, A Pacific Rim Fan Book•


Beyond the Breach is a collaborative fan book that brings together illustrators, writers, and crafters who share a love for the 2013 movie Pacific Rim.

Organized and edited by Amanda Lien, this 100 page book was funded through kickstarter and well surpassed the needed goal. Extra funding is being sent to charities, Mission Blue and Seattle Attic.

I created a double page spread for this book, as well as commission rewards for the kickstarter campaign. (under pen-name Parasitebeans)




•The Crystal Gem Club, A Charity Fanzine•


The Crystal Gem Club is a non-profit project featuring new illustrations by fans of Steven Universe. It is hosted and organized by Nicole Sexton and Jenna Brown. All proceeds are being donated to StandUp For Kids.

Pre-orders will begin October 3rd 2015.

The illustration to the left is the piece I painted for this book.



•Heroine Artbook, A Charity Artbook Highlighting Female Protagonists•

The Heroine Artbook is a collaborative charity art book featuring 30 artists. All proceeds went to Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), a non-profit organization with the goal of eradicating poverty in Africa through the education and empowerment of young girls. For this project I chose to illustrate the heroine, Lady Amalthea/The Unicorn from Peter S. Beagle’s iconic fantasy novel, The Last Unicorn.

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